Construction Drawings/Blueprints

Having complete, coordinated, well documented construction drawings is probably the MOST important aspect of any construction project.  Current building codes require any owner, or authorized agent, who intends to construct, enlarge, or renovate all or a portion of building or residence to obtain approval, a building permit, from the local building department.

Construction drawings, sometimes referred to as “working drawings”, are the written, graphic and/or pictorial documents used to communicate the intended design for the proposed construction to everyone involved in a specific project.  The owner, the design professional, the project manager, the contractors and the inspectors all reference these drawing during the building process to ensure compliance with the local building codes.  Construction drawings are considered to be a legal document, or written contract, between the owner and design professional as well as the owner and contractor.

Construction drawings typically include a site plan, foundation plan, floor plans, roof plan, exterior elevations, building sections, wall sections, mechanical plans, and details, all of the pertinent information to complete the project.  Our quality construction drawings are accurate, concise, drawn to scale, legible and dimensioned to provide the necessary information for a successful project.  It is from these drawings that contractors estimate the cost and timing of your project.  Accuracy in the construction drawings leads to accuracy in the estimate!

At Legacy Engineering, we strive to provide our clients with a set of construction drawings that are easy to understand and interpret by the owner, contractor and code officials.  Whether it is new construction, renovations, additions, finished basements, porches or sunrooms, don’t settle for construction drawings that contain the minimum information required by building codes, contact Legacy Engineering to help develop the quality construction drawings your project deserve.